Last few years theatre audience had been witnessing many Hit old Marathi Plays being revived and presented in the new form. These old plays are receiving tremendous response from audience too. One of such Hit old Marathi Play, ‘Ashya Hya Doghi’ is getting revived by director Prashant Girkar.

Sakharam Binder (Sakharam, the Binder) is a play by Marathi playwright Vijay Tendulkar and was first performed in 1972. It was banned in India in 1974. It was produced and directed by Kamlakar Sarang. Now The same play is revived after 16 years by Mukta Barve and LalitKala Kendra for a cause.

To complete 100 shows of a play is an achievement in Marathi theatre industry. The newest entrant in this '100 shows Club' is Actor Siddharth Jadhav and Director Kedar Shinde's comedy play Gela Udat. The play will stage its 100th show on 15th January 2017 at 4 pm at Shivaji Mandir at Dadar.

Madhusudan Kalelkar was a well known writer in Marathi film and drama industry. Many of his plays were very well appreciated by Marathi audience. 'Apradh Meech Kela' was also one of the plays written by him, which was first staged in 1964 on Marathi Theatre. Now, Kiwi Productions are reviving this play after 52 years.

Experimental and commercial Marathi plays are doing extremely well now days, with good audience response. No wonder more and more Television and film artistes are preferring this medium to reach out to Marathi drama lovers. One such play ‘Hya Gojirvanya Gharat' is all set to present its inaugural show on 27th December 2016. Produced by Ved Productions and presented by Muktayan, the play is produced by Gopal Algeri & Tanuja Kulkarni and directed by Ankur Kakatkar.

Everyone knows that Popular Marathi Actress Mukta Barve started her acting career from Marathi Theatre. Even in her busy professional schedule she ensures that she does something good for Marathi theatre. Currently she is acting in a play ‘Code Mantra’, which she has co-produced. Yesterday Mukta held a muhurat of her brand new play DeepStambh.