Sangeet Sanshaykallol, a Marathi play written by Govind Ballal has a history of over 100 years, since it was written and staged by the playwright. Over the years, this Marathi play has been a favourite of many Marathi theatre and classical music lovers. It has been staged by various groups over the year.

Brand new Marathi play Kuchh Meetha Ho Jaaye is ready to open its curtains today with the opening show. The play is unique because it is written by 5 famous writers, Ambar Hadap, Ganesh Pandit, Abhijeet Guru, Shirish Latkar and Ashish Pathre. It is directed by Ganesh Padit, one of the writers.

Director Chandrakant Kulkarni and writer Mahesh Elkunchwar’s Marathi Play Wada Chirebandi (वाडा चिरेबंदी) received much appreciation and acclaim from the audience. Chandrakant Kulkarni is now working on the sequel of this famous play, titled Magna Talyakathi (मग्न तळ्याकाठी). Marathi Film Industry’s Chocolate boy Siddharth Chandekar will make his debut on Professional stage with this new play.

Krutika Deo played Shweta in Rajwade & Sons directed by Sachin Kundalkar. That movie gave her fame and she became a household name in Maharashtra. Her Solo Act Play O! Frida is heading towards Egypt for the 'Alexandria International Festival for Contemporary Theatre'.