Serial: Jai Malhar | जय मल्हार
TV Channel: Zee Marathi
Start Date: 18 May 2014
Time: Mon-Sat 7:00 pm
Genre: Mythological Drama, Spiritual Drama
Story: Santosh Ayachit, Ashutosh Parankar
Dialouges: Santosh Ayachit, Ashutosh Parankar
Director: Kartik Kendhe
Music: Adarsh Shinde
Art Director:
Producers: Mahesh Kothare
Production House: Kothare Vision Pvt.Ltd.
Devdatta Nage as Lord Shiva / Lord Khandoba
Gauri Sukhtankar as Godsesss Parvati
Surabhi Hande as Devi Mhalsa
Isha Keskar as Devi Banubai
Master Shanay Bhise as Lord Ganesh
Nakul Ghanekar as Hegadi Pradhan / Lord Vishnu
Purva Neelima Subhash as Goddess Lakshmi
Aniruddha Joshi as Sage Narada
Swapnil Rajshekhar as God Kind Indra
Akshay Dandekar as Nandi
Siddhesh Prabhakar as Lord Surya
Arti More as Latika
Priyanka Waman as Manji
Mahesh Phalke as Ranga
Anjali Valsangkar as Shevanti
Sonam Mhasvekar as Gangi

Story/ Plot:
Jai Malhar which is the mythological epic that will enthrall the hearts of Maharashtra. It is the first time that Khandoba’s (reincarnation of Lord Shiva) tale is coming on-screen and that too with a spectacular scale and visual splendor. The show is based on the courage, magnanimity and prowess of Khandoba (fondly known as Malhar) the warrior deity of Maharashtra.

Jai Malhar, the Lord of many has been portrayed as a God of love, a Superpower and the symbol of excellence. He is portrayed as a super hero for the young generation. Each part of the show is aimed at spreading knowledge of his values and beliefs. It is the biggest offering in the history of Marathi Television, an ode to the faith of Maharashtra!!!


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