Serial: Naktichya Lagnala Yaycha Haan | नकटीच्या लग्नाला यायचं हं...
Also Known as: NLYH, Naktichya Lagnala Yaycha Ha
TV Channel: Zee Marathi and Zee Marathi HD
Start Date: 18 January 2017
Time: Wednesday to Saturday at 10 pm
Genre: Family Comedy
Story & Screenplay: Kiran Kulkarni & Pallavi Karkera
Dialouges: Pralhad Kudtarkar
Director: Gautam Koli
Art Director:
Producers: Atul Ketkar, Aparna Ketkar
Production House: Right Click Media Solutions

Prajakta Mali as Nupur / Nakti
Sanjay Sugaonkar as Nupur's Father
Purnima Talwalkar as Nupur's Mother
Asit Redij as Eldest Deshpande
Varsha Dandale
Shakuntala Nare
Ragini Samant
Sonali Pandit
Ananda Karekar
Abheney Saawaant as Yash
Abhijeet Aarkar 

Story /Plot:

The Deshpande family has been in residing at Damodar Niwas for many, many years now. After the demise of Damodar Deshpande, his two sons Chandrakant & Suryakant and their children, daughter Shaila and her husband Jayanta stay together in this close-knit family.

Nupur, Suryakant’s and Viju’s daughter is this family’s darling daughter and she is fondly called ‘Nakti’ (snub-nosed) by her family members.

‘Naktichya Lagnala Yaycha Haan’ revolves around Nakti’s marriage. One of the last wishes of Damodar Rao, who breathed his last at Damodar Niwas, was he wanted Nupur’s marriage to happen in his ancestral home. In fact, he had also wished that only after Nupur’s marriage should the family demolish his ancestral bungalow and go for its redevelopment. And so everybody is making efforts for Nakti’s marriage.

Once the family has also zeroed in on an eligible groom, Neeraj, who, curiously belongs to the same family: Neeraj is Nupur’s paternal aunt’s son. The eligible bachelor, is on his way to be with his family for a function, and the family decides to put the proposal to him once he comes back. Interestingly, as soon as Neeraj lands in the country he senses the family’s intentions. But, therein lies the rub. Neeraj flatly refuses the proposal. Neeraj’s decisions pains Nupur, who too wants to marry Neeraj, no end and to pacify Nupur, Neeraj takes it upon himself to find a match for her.

And so begins the fun in the family as it sets out to find a suitable boy for Nupur and begins a regular programme of match making with the traditional Marathi Kanda-Pohe dished out at every such meeting.

The serial’s core is to find a suitable match for Nupur. The fun part is to watch out for all the grooms and their families making a beeline at Damodar Niwas and the tricks that Nupur employs to reject each one of them.

Celebs Coming to See Nakti:

Based on this simple plot, the entourage that accompanies the eligible bachelors to Nakti’s house with a proposal to tie the knot will bring a lot of fun to the proceedings. Every week a Marathi celeb will be part of the group that will come to seek Nakti’s hand. These include Aniket Vishwasrao, Prasad Oak, Shashank Ketkar, Avadhoot Gupte and many other popular stars. Each of these celebs have got a meaty character sketch etched out and will be fun to watch out.

Amid all this hungama the Deshpandes come face to face with many embarrassing, hilarious situations even as they make flat out efforts to convince Nakti about why each and every eligible boy that comes visiting is suitable for her and the tricks that Nakti employs to reject all of them.

Week 01 - NA
Week 02 - Aniket Vishwasrao As Doctor
Week 03 - Prasad Oak As Encounter Specialist Police Inspector
Week 04 - Shashank Ketkar As Chef Shree
Week 05 - Swwapnil Joshi As Aditya finding Jaai
Week 06 - Avadhoot Gupte As Singer and Music Director
Week 07 - Sagar Karande As Actor Sagar, Kushal, Bharat and Sunita
Week 08 - Siddharth Chandekar as Fashion Designer
Week 09 - Kranti Redkar as Shanti /Shano (NRI US)
Week 10 - Bharat Jadhav as Visarbhola
Week 11 - Anand Ingle as Marriage Consultant


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