Serial: Sakhya Re | सख्या रे
Also Known as:
TV Channel: Colors Marathi and Colors Marathi HD
Start Date: 9 January 2017
Time: Monday to Saturday at 9 pm
Genre: Family Drama Suspense
Story: Chinmay Mandalekar
Dialouges: Chinmay Mandalekar
Screenplay: Chinmay Mandalekar
Music: Pankaj Padghan
Lyrics: Chinmay Mandalekar
Singer: Monali Thakur
Costumes: Paournima Oak
Makeup: Sandeep
Hair: Arun Chavhan
Art Director:
Production House: Blue Whale Media

Suyash Tilak as Sameer and Ranvijay
Ruchi Savarn as Priyamvada
Dnyanada Ramtirthkar as Vaidehi
Rohini Hattangadi as Maa Saheb
Ajay Purkar, Meena Naik, Vivek Apte, Ashwini Kulkarni, Surabhi Bhave and Rahul Mehendale


Based on an interesting theme ‘two dreams of a dawn…one complete, the other incomplete…’

You must have already read umpteen times that husband and wife are like two important wheels of a family’s life; you may have even experienced it. But what if one of the wheels of this rath asks the other to step aside happily to make way for another wheel to become a part of the family?

Vaidehi and Sameer, who have fallen in love recently, and are dreaming to change their courtship into a life-long relationship by promising to marry each other. Accordingly, they get married as promised to each other and begin their married life with blessings from elders and family.

But the happily married couple soon encounters an unexpected setback as they come face to face with an unknown past.

Wheels of life start turning backwards when Vaidehi and Sameer’s meet their contemporary Priyamwada because of an accident. Time once gone never comes back but sometimes destiny makes a clock turn backwards and throws light upon an unknown past.


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