Zee TV is about to unveil a new serial 'Pasant Aahe Mulgi' at 8pm slot from Today. Let us have a look at the character and the actors playing these characters.

Pant Girish Oak

Pant - Girish Oak
Pant is an authoritative, righteous, and well-disciplined figure who has old-fashioned beliefs. Pant is a much respected personality back in his hometown. Everyone in the village asks for advice from Pant before taking any important decision, such is his power and respect over there. According to Pant, nothing is bigger than the traditional values. Pant loves his elder son, Vasu because of which he, Vasu also never goes beyond his word.

Vasu Abhishek Deshmukh

Vasu - Abhishek Deshmukh
"Live life the way you want" is Vasu’s life mantra. He is studying M.A. History and is in the 2nd year. Always there to help his friends, Vasu always needs someone or the other as he hates to stay alone. He has various issues with respect to practices at his home. However, as he is the obedient child, he never spoke up against his father. Vasu does not like to lie, but he believes to achieve something good it is not wrong to lie for it. Vasu falls for Urmi, who believes in exactly opposite beliefs.

Urmi Resham

Urmi - Resham
Urmi is a student of M.A. Psychology, very intelligent, target and career oriented. Like her parents, Urmi is also very practical minded. Urmi has only one close friend, she does not believe in a large group of friends. Urmi gets annoyed by only one thing, lies! She believes that anything that is achieved with help of lie/false promises is wrong and unacceptable. Urmi falls in love with Vasu who is exactly an opposite of her own way of thinking.

Watch ‘Pasant Aahe Mulgi’ from Today, 25 January, Monday to Saturday at 8 pm.

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