Serial: Tujha Majha Breakup | तुझं माझं ब्रेकअप
TV Channel: Zee Marathi
Start Date: 18 September 2017
Time: Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm
Genre: Family Drama
Story: Shekhar Dhavalikar
Screenplay: Chinmay Mandlekar
Dialouges: Mugdha Godbole
Director: Hemant Deodhar
Creative Director:
Backgroud Music:
Sound Recoring:
Special Effects:
Art Director:
Production House: Somil creations


Sainkeet Kamat as Sameer Desai
Ketaki Chitale as Meera
Rohini Hattangadi
Uday Tikekar as Sameer's Father
Vijay Nikam as Meera's Uncle
Radhika Harshe - Vidyasagar as Sameer's Mother (Lata)
Sanyogita Bhave as Sameer's Atya
Reshma Ramchanddra
Umesh Jagtap as advocate
Madhugandha Kulkarni
Meera Joshi as Menaka (Sameer's Boss)


It is said that "Marriages are made in Heaven" but "Love Marriages are always bound by Love". But what happens when these so called love marriages are struck with the reality of married life and the love starts to fade. All the promises are forgotten and the couple starts fighting on petty issues. The Story of Tujha Majha Breakup is based on the theme of love marriages and the realities of married life. Read on to understand the full Story.

Story of Tujha Majha Breakup

Tujha Majha Breakup is the story of Sameer and Meera. They met each other in college. Even they did not know, when their friendship from the classroom bench reached to the love-story on garden bench. Sameer is the only son of a wealthy Desai family... especially Momma's boy. He is pampered to such an extent that he is not aware about discipline and hard work.

On the other hand, Meera is a disciplined girl from a middle class family. She likes to keep things tidy and if anyone creates mess, she is always ready to scold the culprit. Now these completely opposite poles in discipline fall in love with each other and decide to marry.

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It is said that "Love is blind" and "Marriage is an eye-opener" and the same thing happenes with Sameer and Meera too. Initially the love blossoms, but once the reality of married life is struck, the love starts to fade. These same person who used to forgive each other's negative traits starts fighting about the same traits openly. Before marriage they craved for togetherness and now that togetherness is becoming the reason for their quarrel. Their quarrels reach a stage where they decide to separate just in one year of their marriage.

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But after separation, they understand their mistake and start craving for the same togetherness and love they used to have, which was deep hidden due to their marriage. Then both Sameer and Meera decide to marry again. But will the families agree to their decision? What precautions they need to take to avoid the previous mistakes? will the lost love find the true meaning of love again? This is what the serial 'Tujha Majha Breakup' is all about.

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