Ghantaa is the most talked about film for a while now among fans due to its unique name and the young cast & crew involved with this film. The trailer and music of the most awaited film ‘Ghantaa’ got launched recently in the presence of famous celebrities of Marathi Film Industry in Mumbai. The launch was unique due to the hilarious ‘Ghantaa Toast Act’ which was much different than the regular formal launch. Film’s lead actors Aroh Welankar, Saksham Kulkarni and Amey Wagh were toasted (Kind of AIB Roast) by the famous celebrities Mahesh Manjrekar, Jitendra Joshi, Amruta Khanvilkar and Pushkar Shrotri.

Actor Pushkar Shrotri hosted the event and from the start ensured that everyone dies laughing. The Ghantaa Toast Act showcased what the audience can expect in the film when it hits theatres on 14th October. Ghantaa is based on the life of three friends, Raaj, Umesh & Angad and there ways of earning money the easy way. It shows how they are dragged into the scandals in the wake of earning easy bucks. Ghantaa is directed by debut youngster Shailesh Kale. Even though it is based on youths, this film is a must watch for all age group viewers.

Watch these Ghantaa Toast Videos

Ghantaa Toast feat. Pushkar Shrotri

Ghantaa Toast feat. Amruta Khanvilkar

Ghantaa Toast feat. Jitendra Joshi

Ghantaa Toast feat. Mahesh Manjrekar

Presented by Dashami Studioz, Brahmapura Pictures and Yellow INC ‘Ghantaa’ stars Amey Wagh, Aroh Welankar, Saksham Kulkarni, Anuja Sathe, Shivani Surve, Kishor Kadam, Pushkar Shrotri, Bhau Kadam and many others. Shailesh Kale and Rohit Shetty are the producers of the film, whereas it is written by Sumit Bonkar and Rahul Yashod.

Fresh look, unique and dynamic promotions are the plus points of Ghantaa. So to fulfill the curiosity generated by the teaser, trailer, advertisements and music, Ghantaa releases on 14 October 2016 all over Maharashtra in theatres near you.

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