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Talk of versatility in Bollywood, and actor-producer Riteish Deshmukh is giving the term pushing-the-envelope a whole new meaning in B’town. After producing a string of blockbuster Marathi films recently, Riteish unveiled a completely different side to himself on Thursday: As a rapper this time, with a Marathi song titled “Thank God, Bappa”. His friend and another Bollywood A-lister, Akshay Kumar shared the song’s video on Thursday morning to mark Riteish’s debut in playback singing.

The video, which stars 'Ganapati Bappa’ and ‘also features’ Riteish, is produced by the actor’s wife Genelia. Kapil Sawant has written the song in Marathi and the video has English subtitles. The number talks about the ‘silly demands’ humans make and how the God responds with a ‘cute’ smile. It also hints at the corrupt ways we work in and the pollution we cause in the name of Bappa.

Riteish’s voice suits the song so much, we wonder what made him wait for so long before coming out with such a gem! The lyrics and Riteish’s swag ensure the song doesn’t seem too long, even at four-and-a-quarter-minute. Riteish’s look in the video is exactly what he looks like in his upcoming film Banjo. However, the actor claims it is not a promotional number for the movie.

Speaking about his new venture, Riteish told DNA, “Let me clarify that the song has no commercial associations. Neither does it have anything to do with Banjo. It happened just from a discussion on the sets of the film when writer Kapil Sawant told me about his idea. I thought it was interesting. He said he would write it and get back to me and asked would I sing it, if I liked it. I said ‘why not?’ as I can sing, the rhythm is simple and there’s a groove to it. I haven’t sung before but I wasn’t nervous.”

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