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The real meaning of happiness is in giving. That's why we celebrate festivals. But are we really loosing the meaning of celebrations of festivals like Ganeshostav. The brand new song depciting the devotion of Ganapati, He Deva - Ganapati is out now and it teaches us the meaning of happiness and devotion.

The song is not the regular devotional number, but shows the hardship of the child begger. He is unhappy due to not getting enough, even after begging for the day. Being hungry, when he truely calls the Ganesha god for help, he gets to eat a full plate of rice. But he truely becomes happy by sharing that meal with others.

Vishal Wakchaure has penned the lyrics, composed and sung the song along with Pratiksha Pail and Deepak Hardikar. The video is directed by Nitin Wagh.

Watch the Song Here to understand the real meaning of happiness

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