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The extraordinary journey of a common man who went out to become one of the biggest legends in Indian Cinema. Ekk Albela is a Biopic of the Legendary Actor Bhagwan Dada played by Mangesh Desai and Vidya Balan plays famous yesteryear actress Geeta Bali. The Trailer released today promises a grand period biopic film never seen before in Indian Film History.

The Trailer beautifully showcases the era of 1940’s and 1950’s. The film making styles of Bhagwan dada and the biggest risk he took making Albela. The trailer looks so realistic that it hypnotizes you to watch the movie in theatres now.

Shekhar Sartandel and Amol Shetge have written this impeccable journey of this Albela Bhagwan dada and Shekhar Sartandel has also directed this movie. Baban Adagle has recreated the designs of beautiful sets and Uday Devre has given us that grey scale in camera of the 50’s era. Vidyadhar Bhatte has done the realistic makeup to recreate Bhagwan Dada and Geeta Bali's era.

Manglmurti Films presented and Kimaya Motion Pictures produced Ekk Albela will be in your nearest theatre from 24 June 2016.

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