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Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted is a Social film focusing on the life of a married corporate working couple. The Mister and Misses is played by a refreshing pair of Rajendra Shisatkar and Smita Gondkar. The trailer focuses on this couple’s story about their wants and what they delay as unwanted.

Handling sensitive, off-beat and uncharted subjects is what distinguishes Marathi film industry from the rest. And the same legacy will continue in the upcoming movie Mr. and Mrs. Unwanted. All our lives we are stuck in making a choice between wanted and unwanted. A new-age couple living in a similar dilemma is what Mr. and Mrs. Unwanted film is all about.

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Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted is directed by Dinesh Anant who has laid his outlook on this point and has shaped the movie. Dinesh Anant who has been an Assistant Director for famous movies such as ‘Dombivili Fast’ and ‘Shwaas’ is debuting as an Independent Director in the movie Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted.

Mitang Bhpendra Rawal has produced this movie and this unique story is penned down by Prakash Gawde. While the duo Prakash Gawade and Dinesh Anant are the script and dialogue writers of this project.

Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted presented under the banner Urvi Enterprises will be releasing on this 23 September all over Maharashtra.

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