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"Rules Don't Apply", keeping this motto of life changing Marathi film Doctor Rakhmabai is entering the Interantional Film Festivals. The film will be soon screened at reputed DFW South Asian Film Festival. On this occasion the makers released the teaser on the social media of DFW South Asian Film Festival.

Doctor Rakhmabai Teaser on DFW South Asian Film Festival

The Teaser shows the struggles of 19th Century Indian women and the pain they had to go through to achieve their dreams. It also shows the support of the father and the witt of Rakhmabai to become a doctor.

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The cast of the film includes Tannishtha Chatterjee, Santosh Juvekar, Prasad Oak and Kavita Lad. Presented by Royal Maratha Entertainment and produced by Dr. Swapna Patker ‘Doctor Rakhmabai’ will be released soon.

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