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We are gifted with two best friends when we are born and time comes when we realize they are our Mother and Father. Muramba is a story of 'Deshmukhs' who belong to Pune. Their only son Alok had been in a relationship with Indu since last 4 years. The trailer of Muramba shows the parents fully supportng their son and respecting his decision of breakup, but also trying to make him happy.

This is the story about how parents in today's times respect and understand their children's relationships. Alok, though reluctantly, open up about his relationship with Indu and its ups and downs to his parents and over the course realizes that like his friends, his parents too are capable of still understanding him.

The light hearted film Muramba makes both the generations realize the differences in dealing with relationships and makes them appreciate the differences. The trailer also gives a subtle message that "Relationships need time to settle into the sweetness it needs, just like Muramba" which will be fully understood once we watch the film in theatres.

The film is produced by Nitin Vaidya, Ninad Vaidya, Aparna Padgaonkar, Anish Joag and Ranjit Gugle under the banners of Dashami Studioz, Pratisaad Productions and HUGE Productions. The film is directed by debutant Varun Narvekar.

The film stars Amey Wagh, Mithila Palkar, Sachin Khedekar and Chinmayee Sumeet. The music is composed by Hrishikesh, Saurabh and Jasraj, with Promotional song composed by Shailendra Barve.

The Sweet and Sour Muramba releases on 2nd June 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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