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National award winning film, Ringan's Trailer is out and it aptly shows why the film has won the National Award. The father-son duo feels trapped and turns to God seeking his help to break away from this almost impossible circle. What we can also see in this trailer are the farmer's troubles and a boy without mother.

Can this hopeless farmer make his way out of all his troubles along with his adorable son? How far does the 7-year old boy accompany his father on this difficult journey? And will God help them find their way out of this evil cycle? It's going to be exciting to see all these questions and more answered in the film.

Written and directed by Makarand Mane, Ringan stars Shashank Shende and Child actor Sahil Joshi.

A Landmarc Films Presentation and a My Role Motion Pictures Production 'RINGAN' will release in theatres on 30th June 2017.

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