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Debut director Prasad Oak launched yesterday the trailer of his upcoming Marathi film Kachcha Limbu. Based on a novel written by legendary Marathi writer Shri. Jaywant Dalvi, this film takes us into the world of Katdares. Placed in the 80s, we see a couple who have a ‘mentally retarded’ child. The film is shot in black and white as the Katdares have lost the colors from their lives.

The trailer shows us how Mr. Mohan Katdare works perpetual night shifts in Telegraph Office; while his wife Shaileja works for a private firm. Their son Bacchu, is now 16 years old. His growing age and sexuality is a cause of concern for this couple, especially Shaileja.

Katdare tries to find the solution for his problems in Death; while Shaileja in her quest of happiness finds herself drifting towards her benign boss Mr.Pandit.
How this couple, who is on the verge of getting lost in the quagmire of their circumstances, fight their way back to sanity and togetherness is a heart warming story of this film, Kaccha Limbu, which is a term used on the Indian playgrounds to signify the underdog.

"Sadhya Mansanchi Special Goshta" is the tagline of Kachcha Limbu. The film stars Sonali Kulkarni, Ravi Jadhav, Sachin Khedekar, Manmeet Pem, Anant Mahadevan, Uday Sabnis and Ajit Kelkar.

Kachcha Limbu is produced by Mandar Devsthali (Director of Honar Sunn Mi Hya Gharachi) under the banner of Teamwork Ultra Creations and presented by Swaroop Recreation and Media Pvt. Ltd. Chinmay Mandlekar has written the Screenplay and Dialogues.

Kachcha Limbu will release on 11th August 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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