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Bandookya is a film based on reality. Our life is bounded by many social norms arising from the society in which we live our life according to those norms. Similarly many lives bounded by societal norms are tortured which are not even noticed. While going through all this, our eyes are focused on such a social subject.

Bandookya is a portrait of those backward genuine people firm with their thoughts. The effective scenes, the language, the subtle acting, entertainment and yet having a power to provoke social change is ‘Bandookya’.

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The film has rural dialect and many curse words are used, which are part of the language. The film is written & directed by Rahul Manohar Chaudhari and the cast includes Shashank Shende, Atisha Naik, Namdev Murkute, Nilesh Borse, Amol Bagul, Tanmayi Chavanke and Unnati Shikhare.

Bandookya is ready to release on 1st September 2017.

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