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Marathi upcoming film Vitthala Shappath is a complete package film, which has emotion, drama, dance, action and off-course love story. The makers released the official trailer recently and it has all the elements of an entertaining film.

The trailer shows Krishna (Debutant Vijay Sairaj) as the protagonist who is in love with Naina (Krutika Gaikwad). Negative forces and people tries to snatch the land meant for Mandir building. He is hell bent against all odds to ensure that the Vitthala Mandir is built on the land which was allocated for it. In the process will he win back the hearts of his lady love and his parents is the story of Vitthala Shappath.

Watch the Trailer Here

Gurudarshan Films and Pahal Productions LLP produced Vitthala Shappath is written & directed by Chandrakant Pawar. The film stars Mangesh Desai, Anuradha Rajadhyaksha, Krutika Gaikwad, Vijay Sairaj, Ketan Pawar, Anshuman Vichare, Uday Sabnis, Vidyadhar Joshi and Sanjay Khapre.

Vitthala Shappath releases on 15th Septemeber 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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