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A Documentary film-maker, who is covering the protest of a remote forest tribe, goes missing. His little daughter Aru, who spends most of her time reading about fairytales, accompanies her mother in search of the man. The little girl now has to solve three riddles before a monster appears and find her father. The quest is thrilling as well as mythical. Thats the story of a most awaited Marathi film Raakshas, whose trailer was launched recently.

The trailer is spine-chilling and gives you goosebumps while watching. The quest of a daughter to find her lost father in the remote forest will get fulfilled when the reality and fantasy come together to unfold an ancient tribal myth. The opening scene of the trailer suggests that their is a mythical jungle, which protects the mankind from harm from monsters. As you watch the trailer further, the story becomes more exciting and engaging. Raakshas looks like a must watch film for all Fantasy Thriller fans.

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After collaborating on the critically and commercially acclaimed film 'Fandry', National Award winning producers Vivek Kajaria and Nilesh Navalakha are uniting for this unique film through their banners, Navalakha Arts and Holy Basil Productions. Also this time, noted producer and director Samit Kakkad will be joining the two as a presenter with his banner Samit Kakkad Films. As a producer and director, Samit has garnered tremendous acclaim and accolades. His 'Aayna Ka Bayna' was the first Marathi film to be dubbed and screened in Hindi on Sony Max. His recent directorial Half Ticket travelled to 15 different international film festivals.

Raakshas directed and written by Dnyanesh Zoting is a first of it’s kind feature that stars leading actors Sharad Kelkar and Sai Tamhankar in the lead and seen in a never before role. The story of 'Raakshas' is inspired by Dnyanesh's childhood visit to a tribal area and he has weaved the experience beautifully into the film's story. The credit of writing the story, screenplay and dialogue of the film along with Dnyanesh also goes to Tanmayee Deo.

The film stars Sai Tamhankar, Sharad Kelkar, Rujuta Deshpande, Dayashankar Pandey, Vijay Maurya, Yakub Saeed, Purnanand Wandekar, Umesh Jagtap, Vitthal Kale, Pankaj Sathe, Anuya Kalaskar, Anil Kamble, Makarand Sathe, Jayesh Sanghavi, Savita Prabhune, Sakshi Vyawahare, Abhijit Zhunzarrao, Somnath Limbarkar.

Raakshas a unique Fantasy Thriller releases on 23rd February 2018 all over Maharashtra.

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