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The team of Chumbak, the first Marathi feature film ever to be presented by Akshay Kumar unveiled its film poster and teaser yesterday.

The teaser of this Sandeep Modi directed film is an intriguing watch, as we see Swanand Kirkire's Prasanna and Sahil Jadhavs character Baalu fight it out in their own sweet way for the window on their bus ride together. It has no dialogues and it looks impressive.

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The poster depicts the three key characters of the film caught in a strange situation outside the Reserve Bank of India in Mumbai. The mobile repairer Disco who is called the 'Expert of all cons' on the poster, the waiter boy Baalu, called 'RBI governor's assistant' and an gullible looking Prasanna played by Swanand Kirkire called the 'Best Scapegoat to con' adorn this heartwarming and quirky poster.

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Chumbak Marathi Film Official Poster Small

The Marathi film industry has been abuzz ever since Akshay Kumar took to social media to speak his heart out in Marathi about the film Chumbak which is the first film presented by him. The film is produced by Aruna Bhatia and Naren Kumar and is a Kyra Kumar Kreations Production.

Chumbak presented by Akshay Kumar, will be released all over Maharashtra on 27th of July 2018.

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