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Unveiling the trailer of his latest Marathi film Chumbak at PVR, Juhu as a producer, in the presence of producer Naren Kumar, National Award winning director Sandeep Modi and the noted lyricist, singer and actor all rolled into one- Swanand Kirkire who has played the lead in the film of a mentally slow simpleton from a village near Solapur, besides two child actors Sangram Desai and Sahil Jadhav, super star Akshay Kumar confessed that he is a big fan of Marathi films and said that he had no hesitation to accept that content oriented films are no longer being made in Hindi of late.

Akshay Kumar said that he considers himself lucky that he saw the emotional film when the producer Naren arranged the screening for him and added that it was the dream of two people- producer Naren and director Sandeep Modi and reiterated that he wanted to associate himself with the film as the presenter, When asked if it was the lure of profits that attracted him to present the film, Akshay swiftly added that money was the last thing on his mind and he was not backing the film for the sake of earning profits.

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"I am not looking at profits as a presenter of Chumbak. The market of Marathi films is growing day by day and Marathi films are becoming bigger and bigger. The kind of films which are being produced in Marathi of late have the kind of real characters that are incredible. If I wanted, I could have made a film like Rowdy Rathore 2 and made three times more than what Rowdy Rathod earned but I opted to make a film like Padman because I wanted to highlight the problems that women face in their day to day life” he said humbly.

Akshay continued, ”Chumbak has real acting and real actors. It is a film which sets out to tell you in a lucid way that there are two paths in life-the right path and the wrong path and you have to decide which one to choose have neither produced nor acted in a film like this in the past 28 years of my career in Bollywood where I have acted in around 130 films till date though I too had produced two films in Marathi earlier."

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Akshay exulted that he is planning to release the film on July 27 in as many as 300 screens all over Maharashtra and added that what matters is the content and not who is presenting the film when he was asked whether his presence would make any difference to the prospects of the film at the box office. Praising Swanand Kirkire sky high, Akshay Kumar humbly stated that he was also striving to do the kind of work musician Swanand Kirkire has done as an actor and said that Swanand has achieved in his very first film as an actor what he is trying to achieve all these years, though it has been indeed a long journey.

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Akshay Kumar said that it is thanks to his Marathi teacher in school that he is today able to speak in Marathi fluently. He added, "People have been asking me whether I would be able to act in Marathi films besides producing them. I had acted in a Marathi film called Adhikar for director Mahesh Tilekar a decade ago and produced two films."

Akshay added, "If I am able to get the right script with an out of the box content, I will be ready to not only produce films in Marathi but also act in them. I liked Riteish Deshmukh's films Balak Palak as well as Lai Bhaari. I had even toyed with the idea of making a biopic on the late actor Dada Kondke but since the script did not turn out to my satisfaction, I decided not to go ahead with the project."

Swanand Kirkire said "I had assumed that the team wanted to meet me for its music, but I was taken aback once I realized they wanted me to act, that too in a leading role, that too in one of the toughest ones I have ever heard! But listening to the script and the faith the team had, we dived into it all including me, Sandeep, Saurabh and Naren".

Director Sandeep Modi Said, "Building on the part of a mentally slow naive man with our own personal observations of people around us and extensive research with doctors and counsels working in this area, we all built this part together brick by brick, with the love and dignity we wanted to bring to it."

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