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The Music by Ajay-Atul of Sairat is already a hit. Finally the wait is over. The most awaited movie of the year, Sairat’s Official trailer is out now. The movie is set to release in a week’s time on 29 April 2016.

The movie is a realistic take on impossible love between Archi and Parshya. The society’s divide between rich and poor, cast system tears the love birds apart. The trailer showcases the beautiful cinematography, melodious music mixed with aggression of the lead actress.

Rinku Rajguru takes the cake here in the trailer. She is the strong girl who will do anything for her love. The trailer will make you want more and cannot wait for the movie to hit theatres next week.

The Direction, Production, Story and Screenplay is done by Nagraj Manjule under the banner Aatpat Productions and Zee Studios. The Musical is by talented Ajay-Atul.

‘Sairat’ is the impossible love story in rural area of Maharashtra where love is still a taboo. Sairat is produced by Nagraj along with Nittin Keni & Nikhil Sane of Zee Studios.

Sairat will release all over Maharashtra on 29 April 2016.

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