"Rules Don't Apply", keeping this motto of life changing Marathi film Doctor Rakhmabai is entering the Interantional Film Festivals. The film will be soon screened at reputed DFW South Asian Film Festival. On this occasion the makers released the teaser on the social media of DFW South Asian Film Festival.

Few days back we had revealed that a new genre 'revenge horror' film is coming to Marathi. The film titled Kanika has a young girl in a ghostly look. The makers released a 17 second teaser of the film and it will surely give you chills and goosebumps.

Love is the most celebrated emotion in movies since inception of cinema irrespective of language and era. And in modern cinema too it’s still on top in spite of new phenomenal technologies at disposal. An upcoming marathi film, a love story, is coming our way titled 'Premay Namah' which has love as a primary emotion along with sadness, fear, anger, disgust, surprise, happiness. The story also thrusts on strong family values and duties.

Politics is the stratergic game of attacks and counter-attacks. The formula of gaining the ruling party status is not fixed and politicians are ready to tame the opposition with all tricks. Upcoming Marathi fiilm 'Gaon Thor Pudhari Chor' depicts these political games in a sattirical ways. Whether it be the ruling party or the opposition, the film is going to be a comedy entertainment about the leg pulling politicians for the supreme chair of power. The Trailer of the film was released recently.