Someone said, “Behind every successful man there is a strong woman’, but behind every unsuccessful man there are two women and what will happen if third wife came into that man’s life? The story of a man who is in trouble just because of his three wives. That’s why they have to say, “Carry On Deshpande”.

Partu is based on true events happened with a Rajasthani boy named Prithvi, who was lost in Maharashtra. He was found by a Maharashtrian family and raised by the couple.

Presenting all of you one more movie from Swapnil Joshi. He is so regular these days that every 3 month one movie is hitting theatres. In the New Year 2016 we will see him with Sachit Patil in ‘Friends’

नाटकाची नशा नटाइतकी कुणालाच चढतही नाही नि कळतही नाही!
असाच एक अस्सल नट येतोय तुमच्या भेटीला, लवकरच.
सादर आहे 'नटसम्राट'चा Teaser.