After the National Award winning best Film Shwaas, Marathi film industry took a positive turn. The film was a hugh success and was the official Indian entry to Oscars. Everyone was curiously waiting for director Sandeep Sawant's next film after Shwaas. After 13 years of making Shwaas, Sandeep come up with a new film Nadi Vahate (River Flows), which is ready for release on 22nd September. Film's Trailer was launched recently, which reveales the realistic truth about rivers.

Chhand means Hobby and Priti means Love, So what does Chhand Priticha means. It means Hobby to Find The True Love. Versatile actor Subodh Bhave yet again is coming up with a totally new look as a Dholki master in a tamasha based film. The makers released the teaser of the film on social media recently and the film looks like the old classic Marathi films like Pinjara and Sangate Aika.

Marathi films are watched for the innovative subjects handled in it. Anaan is one such film with completely different subject never handled before. The makers of 'Anaan' today released the trailer and it shows the glimpses of unusual love story through some different human forms you could never image.

Debut director Sumit Sanghmitra and veteran actor Kishor Kadam's upcoming film Zindagi Virat's trailer was launched yesterday and it has many twists and turns to raise audience's curiosity about the theme of the story and Kishor Kadam's multiple looks. The story seems to happen in a small village. We always look at death, negatively and the film's trailer tries to portray the feelings associated with death.

It is not strange to say that Father-child is the most unknown relationship in the world. Noone can really understand what the father goes through to raise his children, yet he is the most envious and villanious relative. But what if the same father decides to mend his broken relationships with his children, then the father is born again, same as the upcoming Marathi film Baapjanma. The makers released an official trailer recently, Let's discuss.

From last few days we were hearing the "Barakhadi of Fa" from all the Marathi celebs and they were talking about someone named Fafe. Finally the secret is out; Fafe is nothing but Faster Fene. Produced by Genelia Deshmukh (Mumbai Film Company) and Mangesh Kulkarni (Zee Studios), the makers released the first teaser of Faster Fene, revealing the central character. The film is presented by Riteish Deshmukh.