Starring Amey Wagh, Aroh Welankar and Saksham Kulkarni in the lead roles, join the three boys on Ghantaa, a laugh ride that takes you through a journey of amusement, fun and goof ups! Watch Amey as ‘Chamdi Saala’, the perfect Casanova, Saksham as ‘Idiot Saala’, the tech savvy geek out to make it big on his own and Aroh as ‘Struggler Saala’,the struggling dubbing artist.

God could not be everywhere so he created Mothers. A mother’s soul is pure and full of love and she selflessly does everything for her children. Such a similar story of a simple and innocent mother can be seen in the movie ‘A Dot Com Mom’. This mother goes to the foreign country because of her son’s constant insistence and what happens when the mother moves to America and has a difficult time is shown in a humorous way in this movie. We can see how this mother tries to tackle situation wherein on one side her modern daughter-in-law and on another side the burden of her son’s expectations.

Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted is a Social film focusing on the life of a married corporate working couple. The Mister and Misses is played by a refreshing pair of Rajendra Shisatkar and Smita Gondkar. The trailer focuses on this couple’s story about their wants and what they delay as unwanted.

Watch first look teaser of upcoming Marathi Film Jaundya Na Balasaheb. After the smashing “Dolbywalya”, the makers of Jaundya Na Balasaheb have released a teaser for this film. The film has already created lot of anticipation among audience with its innovative Posters and Songs.

Watch Trailer of Upcoming Marathi Movie Yaari Dosti. Young and talented actors National award winner Hansraj Jagtap , Akash Waghmode, Mitali Mayekar, Ashish Gade, Sumit Bhokse and Shreyas Raje launched the trailer of their upcoming Marathi movie Yaari Dosti. The trailer is dedicated to the true spirit of friendship and will remind each one of us our best friends, school, campus, teachers, professors and teenage love.