We are gifted with two best friends when we are born and time comes when we realize they are our Mother and Father. Muramba is a story of 'Deshmukhs' who belong to Pune. Their only son Alok had been in a relationship with Indu since last 4 years. The trailer of Muramba shows the parents fully supportng their son and respecting his decision of breakup, but also trying to make him happy.

Sairat fame Akash Thosar's second film FU is a youth oriented college film. Foot-tapping music and songs, Akash's unique trendy rockstar look, Fresh starcast and a musical film are some of the USPs of the film. Recently the makers released the smashing trailer of the film FU. It will surely appeal to the college going youth and generate nostaliga for the people who have now crossed that college phase.

After the release of meaningful song Kshan Mohare, makers of TTMM Tujha Tu Majha Mi have released a very interesting teaser. The film starring Lalit Prabhakar & Neha Mahajan, is a family drama with all the spices including Romance, Humor, Emotions, journey etc. The teaser looks refreshing take on marriage and companionship.

School days and college days are like the back pages of notebooks. Like saving a peacock feather in between the pages of books, similarly we have saved many memories in our hearts. Such magical were the good old days. The movie which reminds you of such good old days is 'Itemgiri' whose trailer was released recently. A.R.V Production and Aviraaj Production's joint production is the movie Itemgiri, directed by Pradeep Tonge and Mangesh Shedage.

Oli Ki Suki, which won 2 awards at the recently concluded Maharashtra State Film Festival, has released the official trailer today. The film is based on the slum kids, for the society these are spoilt brats. The Rawady gang of kids want to rise above their own expectations and want to live the life on good terms.

Zee Studios' upcoming film Chi. Va Chi. Sau. Ka. is marketed with a tagline 'Eka Lagnachi Scientific Gostha' (Scientific experiment of an arranged marriage). The recently released official trailer shows the quirckyness of the central charaters and their parents & relatives. Through the film, National Award winning director Paresh Mokashi want to show the current scenarios surrounding the arranged marriages and how the relations can be made long lasting.