Draught is the serious issue in Maharashtra and using this subject as core, ‘Shinma’ movie hits theatres on 27 November.

Te 8 Diwas, a story of a woman who comes back after 18 years for her daughter’s wedding and she feels sorry and want to stay with her daughter, husband as a family. Te 8 Diwas is getting released on 30 October.

प्रतिभा, अहंकार आणि अभिमान ह्यांचा संघर्षाचे रोमहर्षक नाट्य आणि सहजसुंदर अभिनयाला अभिजात संगीताचा साज! सादर आहे 'कट्यार काळजात घुसली'चा ट्रेलर

Prathamesh Parab is back with ‘Urfi’, directed by Vikram Pradhan and produced by NBS Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. and Brainwave Production.