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One Way Ticket’s Mast Malanga is an ultimate romantic track and it portrays the emotions of a fresh love very nicely. The Song takes you to the mystic love and you get submerged in the beautiful lyrics. The song is shot on the pair of Neha Mahajan and Sachit Patil at beautiful picturesque locations and for a change it’s not shot on the cruise liner.

The music by Gaurav Dagaonkar is very soothing and the composition has a slow trancelike tempo. He himself has given the vocals along with Savaniee Ravindra. Savaniee’s silky romantic voice is perfectly suitable for such songs. Mandar Cholkar has penned the mesmerizing words for this new love song.

The duo looks very romantic on the screen. Sachit looks very handsome, but Neha is the winner in this song be it looks or the expressions! Neha’s look has been done very carefully and she looks a diva on the screen.

One Way Ticket releases on 23 September all over Maharashtra.

Song: Mast Malanga
Movie: One Way Ticket
Singers: Gaurav Dagaonkar, Savaniee Ravindrra
Music: Gaurav Dagaonkar
Lyrics: Mandar Cholkar
Music on: Video Palace

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