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Marathi filmmakers always look for opportunity to evolve and experiment. From strong content to featuring Bollywood A listers to effects, Marathi films keep offering something new to its viewers. Recently, a song titled Zalo Bebhan was shot entirely underwater for the film 'Premaya Namah'. It’s a matter of pride for the makers that for the first time in the history of Marathi film industry an entire song has been shot Underwater which is it’s USP.

Premay Namah's music is composed by K. Sandipkumar and Chandrashekhar Janawade. The Romantic number Zalo Bebhan is sung by Shahzad Ali & Pamela Jain, lyrics penned by Chandrashekhar. The song is shot underwater on the lead actors Devendra Chaugule and Rupali Krishnarao. VFX effects are also used for the number.

Premay Namah is presented by Vijay Shinde and Mahesh Joke and produced by Uttam Chorade. The film’s director is Jagdish Watharkar. Story is by K. Shashikant, lyrics by Chardrashekhar Janawade, and The cast comprises of Devendra Chaugule, Rupali Krishnarao, Prachi Lalge, Surekha Kudchi, Prakash Dhotre, Bharat Daini, Gauri Makdum and Snehalraj.

Premay Namah releases on 3rd March 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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