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After the foot tapping Yaari song, Kaay Re Rascalaa's rocking & sizzling item number 'Monalisa Mi Maharashtrachi' is out to set the Marathi audience on fire, the song launched digitally will make you start grooving for sure.

The Groovy item number “Monalisa” is composed by Rohan - Rohan and hummed by Savaniee Ravindra, Disha Pardeshi gyrates enthusiastically and tries to add oomph to the song. Monalisa has attracted Nikhil Ratnaparkhi and Nagesh Bhosle in the song and will definitely make entire Maharashtra dance on her rhythm. The song is designed to be a typical nightclub anthem, time will tell if people lap up this song.

After Making people fall in love through the “Kohinoor” song and making them recall the bond with their friends through “Yaari”song, Purple Pebble Pictures' 'Kaay Re Rascalaa' is going to make them dance on this item number Monalisa, setting the social media on fire.

Kaay Re Rascalaa is produced by Purple Pebble Pictures and directed by I. Giridharan Swamy. The film stars Gaurav Ghatnekar, Bhagyashree Mote, Supriya Pathare, Nihar Gite, Akshar Kothari, Siddheshwar Zadbuke, Shrikant Maski and Aishwarya Sonar. Producers Priyanka Chopra and Dr. Madhu Chopra , Co-Producers Dr. Satyasheel Biradar & Sangeeta Manjrekar and Associate Producer Kunickaa Sadanand, are all set to make us fall about the place laughing on the 14th of July all over Maharashtra.

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