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National award winning director of Fandry, ‘Nagraj Manjule’ who is back with his next venture ‘Sairat’, recently unveiled a new song promo ‘Attach Baya Ka Baavarala’. The song promo slowly unwinds the falling in love process of our lead actress.

The Music of the movie is composed by the ever so talented pair of Ajay-Atul. The song lyrics are also of rural dialect.

The overall film Direction, Production, Story and Screenplay is done by Nagraj Manjule under the banner Aatpat Productions and Zee Studios.

The film produced by Nagraj along with Nittin Keni & Nikhil Sane of Zee Studio, is getting released in theatres on 25 March 2016.

Song Promo Lyrics:
हळद पिवळी ,पोर कवळी ,जपुन लावा गाली
सावळ्याच्या चाहुलीनं पार ढवळी झाली.
गजर झाला दारी
साजनाची स्वारी
साजनाची स्वारी आली
लाज गाली आली

जपुन होतं ठिवलं मन ह्ये कधीच न्हाइ झुरलं
उधळलं गं समदं बाई हातात न्हाइ उरलं
जीव जडला पर न्हाइ नजरंला कळलं
किती नडलं जिकीरीनं मागं ना सरलं
आत्ताच बया का बावरलं
खरचं बया का घाबरलं...

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