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Zindagi Virat is about a son finding his deceased father's last wish, so that he can fulfill it. The journey is emotional and filled with many obstacles. Zindagi Virat's latest song Daate Dhuke is one such emotional number which has a journey where you might find your solace and real motives of living.

Daate Dhuke is penned by Mandar Cholkar and music is composed by young music director duo of Suraj-Dhiraj. The song is sung by popular Bollywood singer Javed Ali and he has perfect hold on the song and its lyrics.

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Zindagi Virat is a light-hearted innocent story of a son who ventures on a journey to find and fulfill his deceased father's last wishes. The film has rural backdrop and has subtle message about celebration of life.

The film stars Kishor Kadam, Bhau Kadam, Om Bhutkar, Ninad Gore, Usha Naik, Atul Parchure, Tanvi Kulkarni and Sumit Sanghamitra. The film is produced by Anjaneya Sathe under the banner of Anjaneya Sathe Entertainment and written & directed by debutant Sumit Sanghamitra.

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