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Sagarika Music is always known for different experimentation in music. Now the music company is venturning into Short Films, with their first Short film Chandana to be released soon. After the Music video direction Sagarika Music's Sagarika Das is ready with the direction of a short film. The film stars actress Meera Joshi in lead role.

Chandana short film is presented in the form of 2 songs, one of the song 'Lagbag Chalali' is released recently on social media. Not only in villages, but in cities too marriage considered as the important aspect of woman's life and that affects her education. Our male dominated society and the effects of marriage of a woman is showcased in this song.

Suhit Abhyankar has composed both the songs on the lyrics of Sangeeta Barve. The song is sung by Rajeshwari Pawar, Onkarswarup Bagade and Suhit Abhyankar. Chandana short film will star Meera Joshi, Ashwini Giri and Sukhada Borkar.

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