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After Sairat Zala Ji Full Video Song, now Zee Studios released the Full Video Song of ‘Yad Lagla’ The Song is the visual and musical treat. It is such a melody that you can go on listing for hours if not days.

The Intro Song ‘Yad Lagla’ is shot on the lead pair Archi and Parsha. The Song is the combination of beautiful melody with excellent camera work in slow motion. Akash Thosar portraying Parshya look amazing and seem to live all him moments in the river, well with friends and off course looking at Archi . The Song is penned by Ajay-Atul and Nagraj.

The Music of the movie is composed by the ever so talented pair of Ajay-Atul. The song is sung by Ajay Gogavale and Chinmayi Sripada.

Music: Ajay-Atul
Singer: Ajay Gogavale, Chinmayee Sripada
Lyrics: Ajay-Atul / Nagraj Manjule

The Direction, Production, Story and Screenplay is done by Nagraj Manjule under the banner Aatpat Productions and Zee Studios.

‘Sairat’ is the refreshing love story in rural area of Maharashtra where love is still a taboo. Sairat is produced by Nagraj along with Nittin Keni & Nikhil Sane of Zee Studio,

Sairat will release all over Maharashtra on 29 April 2016.

Song Lyrics:

याडं लागलं ग याडं लागलं गं
रंगलं तुझ्यातं याडं लागलं गं
वास ह्यो उसात येई कस्तूरीचा
चाखलंया वारं ग्वाडं लागलं गं
चांद भासतो दिसाच मावळाया लागलं
आस लागली मनात कालवाया लागलं गं

याडं लागलं ग याडं लागलं गं…
रंगलं तुझ्यातं याडं लागलं गं
वास ह्यो उसात येई कस्तूरीचा
चाखलंया वारं ग्वाडं लागलं गं

सांगवना बोलवणा मन झुरतया दुरून
पळतया टळतया वळतय माग फिरून
सजल गं धजल गं लाज काजल सारल
येंधल हे गोंधळल लाड लाड गेल हरून
भाळल अस उरात पालवाया लागलं
ओढ लागली मनात चाळवाया लागलं
याडं लागलं ग याडं लागलं गं…

सुलगना उलगना जाळ आतल्या आतला
दुखन हे देखन ग ऐकलंच हाय साथीला
काजळीला उजाळल पाझळुन ह्या वातीला
चांदणीला आवताण धाडतोय रोज रातीला
झोप लागणं सपान जागवाया लागलं
पाखरू कस आभाळ पांघराया लागलं

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