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The web-series Casting Couch with Amey & Nipun has become very popular in 3 episodes. In the 4th Episode the team of Sairat is featured. Amey and Nipun visit Sairat director Nagraj Manjule’s home in this episode. There they find the whole cast of the movie present.

The Episode 4 has already garnered more than 1 Lakh views only after 1 day. The reason is the success of Sairat and its cast and crew. The Episode starts with an unusual note as Amey and Nipun visit Nagraj Manjule’s home to have them on the couch.

The overall episode has been made beautifully with doses humors all through the 15 minutes. Both ask how Nagraj Anna find these actors, can he fund their upcoming project, what do Rinku feel about the success of Sairat and how Akash should concentrate on wrestling.

Watch the Full Episode 4 now

Hosts: Amey Wagh & Nipun Dharmadhikari
Featuring Guest: Sairat team (Nagraj Manjule, Rinku Rajguru, Akash Thosar, Sooraj Pawar, Tanaji Galgunde and Arbaj Shaikh)
Director: Sarang Sathaye
Producer: Bharatiya Digital Party
Camera: Aditya Divekar, Ankush Kulal, Aniket Gaikwad
Editor: Kunal Tiwari
Sound: Ashish Shinde
Music: Saket Kanetkar
AD: Henny Gurnasinghani
Production Manager: Nachiket Joshi

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