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On the Auspicious occassion of Gudhi Padwa a new YouTube channel Virus Marathi is going to launch a travel web series titled 'Awesome Twosome'. The 2 girls, Actress Gauri Nalawade and Dancer Richa Agnihotri will pack their bags and will travel the unchartered territories in Maharashtra.

This webseries will for the first time, introduce the viewers to the travel web content in Marathi. The 2 girls will explore the unknown places in Maharashtra. The series' concept and direction is by Santosh Kolhe. During his serial 'Bhatkanti', Santosh had a thought about covering these unknown places in Maharashtra.

Awesome Twosome Virus Marathi Director Santosh Kolhe

The Film Click and Content Films has produced the Web Channel Virus Marathi. The Channel will try to provide the young viewers with an interesting content. The channel will also come up with another web series titled Shock Katha Soon.

Awesome Twosome Virus Marathi Gauri Richa 01

First episode of 'Awesome Twosome' will be unveiled on Youtube on Marathi New Year day, Gudhi Padwa i.e. 28th March 2017 at 4pm. Meanwhile watch the teaser of the travel webseries.

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