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Aawaj Konacha? is the latest episode of Shock Katha. It is an unique experiment produced by Virus Marathi. The episode does not have dialogues, but still the powerful message is conveyed through just visuals, actor's performance and background music.

"We wanted to connect with the audience and convey the message without using any dialogue in this episode", said Santosh Kolhe, the creator of Virus Marathi YouTube Channel. Ganpati festival, final procession, noise, chaos and its impact on the common people as well as on the youngster who in first place created all this chaos and noise is shown in this episode.

Watch the Episode "Aawaj Konacha" Here

"The message is very strong for the noise pollution during festivals and how it impacts everyone. This is a correct step in right direction to not just speak but show the real problems and resolve it", said Santosh Kolhe.

Virus Marathi Channel produces 2 web-series titled 'Awesome Twosome' and 'Shock Katha' and getting very good response from the audience. The web-series is written by Mukesh Machkar and produced by Shridhar Chitnis and Santosh Kolhe.

Aawaj Konacha Shock Katha 02

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