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Who don't want to eat tasty, yummy, hot and perfectly made food dishes. But is everyone know how to cook? There are many questions around simple cooking and advanced cooking which will be answered through a brand new web series by Bhargavi Chirmuley titled 'Trendy Tasty Treats'. This is Bhargavi's first web series.

The first promo of Trendy Tasty Treats was out on 7th November and the first question Bhargavi asked was 'Can Men Cook?' The question was answered by famous chef Sachin Joshi by making a Tomato Bruschetta quick dish. Sachin is working as chef for last 25 years and he has worked with popular American company Carnival Cruiselands. Currently he runs a multi-cuisine restaurant in Pune. He also is a Hotel management faculty.

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The first episode of 'Trendy Tasty Treats' is out now. These cooking episodes will have interactive dialogues between chef and Bhargavi, where lots of questions will be answered around cooking. Bhargavi said, "In this career oriented age, women too are not well versed with cooking and always want to stay away from cooking. I am also very bad at cooking. We like to eat lip-smacking food, but don't know how to cook it. There are also fusion in cooking, which many of us don't know. All these questions will be answered in a very simple way in this web-series Trendy Tasty Treats."


1st Episode

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