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"Show business is a very serious business", "Films works on 3 things Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment" are phrases associated with the film industry. When we talk about Marathi film industry, there are no celebrities as they say content is the king for Marathi films. So if there are no celebrities, then what should we call the actors, technicians and other personnels? They prefer to be called as artists. Artists who itch a memorable character through their lively performance on and off camera are remembered for ages to come. Dadasaheb Phalke, V. Shantaram, Bhalji Pendharkar, Arun Sarnaik, Kashinath Ghanekar, Ashok Saraf, Sachin Pilgoankar, Mahesh Kothare, Dada Kondke, Purushottam Bere, Laxmikant Berde are few of the Fillamshtars to remember here.

We know very little about our beloved artists from Marathi film industry and to fullfill that void of information, Filmreign Studios has come up with a brand new show called 'Fillamshtar' on their YouTube Channel. The show will feature various artists from Marathi film industry. The show's main theme is inspiration as it will reveal the tough side of our artists and the hardships they went through in their journey towards success.

The first episode of Fillamshtar features Marathi Superstar Swwpanil Joshi.

Watch the Teaser Here

Watch the First Episode with Swwapnil Joshi

Mrinmayee Ghospurkar, Omkar Athavale, Mayur Borkar, Sonali Lohar are the people behind Fillamshtar. There will be more artists to be interviewed by Fillamshtar soon. These artists are Chandrakant Kulkarni, Mahesh Limaye, Salil Kulkarni, Bhaurao Karhade, Swapna Waghmare Joshi, Mandar Cholkar, Sagar Vanjari, Deepti Devi, Sameer Samant and many more.

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