If you want to watch a youth romance movie with outstanding performances then go and watch Photocopy. The movie depicts the college life, friendship, Sibling rivalry (in this case twin sisters) and youth romance and off course it is being made lively by the performances of young cast members. But do not expect much from the screenplay, better to watch this with logic in your pocket.

Parna Pethe is Marathi Entertainment Industry’s rising star (Rama Madhav and YZ) and her Twin role perfectly proves that she is here to stay. The Debuts of Actor Chetan Chitnis, Director Vijay Maurya and Producer Neha Rajpal are equally impressive. Photocopy is a youth movie and everyone who is young at heart should watch it in theatres.

Review by: Ajay Kulye


The story is setup in beautiful Lavasa. Mala (MBBS Student) and Madhu (Prana Pethe) are identical twins (Exact Photocopy) and except the looks, they are completely opposite. Both do not like each other. So when Madhu asks Mala to help her out by standing in for a college quiz competition in her place, the latter refuses. It takes a lot of coaxing from Madhu to make Mala agree.

In the quiz competition, Mala meets Sameer (Chetan Chitnis). Both of them hit it off instantly but Sameer thinks Mala is Madhu and Mala lets things progress as they do. Sameer then bumps into the real Madhu and seeing a chance, the bubbly and fun-loving Madhu snatches Sameer from Mala. A perfect love triangle to take the story forward.

Photocopy Still 01

In such a situation, the wise thing for Mala would be to go and tell Sameer the truth but being the sacrificing sister that she is, Mala moves out of the picture. Madhu and Sameer grow close to each other but he senses something is wrong. Madhu too isn't sure if she really loves Sameer or it's just his 'cool-guy' image (He is Wealthy and owns a fleet of high end bikes and cars) that she's attracted to.

Who will be engaged to Sameer, Mala or Madhu? Will Madhu get her true love? Will the friends help out Mala or Madhu? Watch it by yourselves.

Photocopy is one movie after Phuntroo which has so much of youth appeal. It fulfils the expectations too in the acting department. All the young members have done an excellent job. Special mention goes to Anshuman Joshi for the portrayal of Mala’s friend Devashish (to-be Doctor, but want-to-be chef). Madhu’s friends portrayed by Manmeet Pem, Aashay Kulkarni have done their job well.

Senior actors Vandana Gupte and Dr. Girish Oak too give justice to their respective roles. Debutant Chetan Chitnis has looked handsome and is a promising actor to look forward to. But the icing on the cake performance comes from Parna Pethe. She has matured a lot as an actress and she has perfectly managed to show the different shades of her both characters. She has given a stellar performance as Mala and her fan base is surely going to sky-rocket after this film. Watch out folks for her future releases.

Tu Jithe Mi Tithe Photocopy Still

Director Vijay Maurya could have done a bit more justice to his talent but it seems he has restricted himself in exposing the plot a bit differently. But he has done commendable job with the available resources. Special praise for the Debut producers Singer Neha Rajpal and Akash Rajpal. They have ensured that the film remains a fun youth film.

Music is refreshing and captures all the moods of the youth romance movie. Cinematography is top class which goes well with the moods of the scenes. Special mention for the Hair and Makeup department as they have done very commendable job. The story and screenplay could have been explored more to add some more emotions of the siblings.

Photocopy Teaser Parna Pethe1

Photocopy is a fun film with stellar performances in acting. The overall look has been kept for fun and don’t be serious about the loopholes. So you can watch this movie once with your friends for sure.

Rating: 3/ 5

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Movie: PhotoCopy | फोटोकाॅपी
Director: Vijay Maurya
Producers: Neha Rajpal, Akash Rajpal
Studio: Neha Rajpal Productions, Viacom 18 Motion Pictures
Cast: Parna Pethe, Chetan Chitnis, Vandana Gupte, Dr. Girish Oak, Jaywant Wadkar, Anshuman Joshi, Manmeet Pem, Aashay Kulkarni
Story: Omkar Datt, Akash Rajpal
Screenplay & Dialogues: Vijay Maurya, Yogesh Joshi
Music: Nilesh Moharir, Rohan-Rohan, A.V. Prafullachnadra, Praful Karlekar, Shreyas Puranik, Neha Rajpal
Lyrics: Ashwini Shende, Mandar Cholkar, Omkar Datt, Neha Rajpal, Jaffer Sagar, A.V. Prafullachnadra, Vijay Maurya
Singers: Vaishali Samant, Swapnil Bandodkar, Neha Rajpal, Adarsh Shinde, Rohan Pradhan, Pravin Kunwar, Ketaki Mategaonkar
Poetry: Mandar Cholkar
Choreographer: Phulwa Khamkar
DoP: KK Manoj
Background Music: Rishikesh Kamerkar
Sound Design: Rohit Pradhan
Editor: Ninad Khanolkar
Costumes: Manasi Attarde
Makeup & Hair: Santosh Gayke
VFX: Illusion Ethereal
Production Design: Mahesh Salgaonkar
Casting Director: Rohan Mapuskar
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: 16 September 2016
Duration: 139 Mins

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