Mandar Cholkar is famously known as a poet-minded lyricist in Marathi film Industry. But now he is seen in a completely different role. Till today Mandar has penned numerous film songs and serial title tracks. But now lyricist Mandar is writing for 'Sargam'.

Sargam is a musical show aired on Zee Yuva, whose writing is done by Mandar Cholkar, hence, now he’s not only a lyricist, but also a writer.

While talking about his new role of a Writer Mandar said, "I have done song writting till now, that’s why when I first got the call from the producers for writing of the show Sargam, I was reluctant to take it up. But after writing few episodes, I got a hang of it."

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"Sargam requires information about the visiting celebrity musician /singers to be provided during the show. At such times knowing their information as well as to narrate life incidences, the producers needed a person who knows them well. Since I have worked with many of them before, that’s where it becomes very easy for me to write about all of them. This work is fun as well as very informative." added Mandar.

The best part is that this new emerging writer has alo penned the title track of ‘Sargam’. So watch Saragam every Wednesday and Thursday at 9 pm on Zee Yuva.

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