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Nilu Phule was a renowned personality in Marathi film industry during 70s and 80s. During his acting career of 40 years, he has performed in about 60 Marathi and Hindi films. He was very popular as a villain. In spite of portraying cruel characters on screen, he was very popular amongst women because of his good off screen image. His famous dialogue in most of the films ‘Bai Vadyavar Ya’ had reached instant popularity during 70s and 80s.

Now, Studio 9 Entertainment through their forthcoming film ‘Jalsa‘ will pay tributes to this legendary Marathi actor, by using his famous dialogue in the lyrics of a song from this film. Penned by Ashutosh Raj, who is also directing this film, the music for this song is composed by Sameer Saptiskar and the dance performed on this song by Manasi Naik is choreographed by Rajesh Bidve. Anand Shinde has rendered his voice for this song, which according to the makers of this film, would be an instant hit song.

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