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Navalakha Arts and Holy Basil Production presents Rakshas… The Monster’ is an upcoming Marathi movie written and directed by Dnyanesh Zoting and produced by Nilesh Navalakha and Vivek Kajaria. The movie will see first-time pairng of beautiful actress Sai Tamhankar and handsome hunk Sharad Kelkar along with Vijay Maurya and Umesh Jagtap. Child Actor Rujuta Deshpande will portray a very important role.

The posters launched recently which are quite unusual are in grey shades like the old story book covers. That suggests that the story of Rakshas is something unusual and should be different. The shooting started from 23 November, and the film will be released in 2016.

The Story of the film is a mix of Family-drama, suspense, thriller and emotional-drama. The story is short-listed at Drishyam Sundance Writers Lab, which is an international achievement for the film already.

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