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Handling sensitive, off-beat and uncharted subjects is what distinguishes Marathi film industry from the rest. And the same legacy will continue in the upcoming movie Mr. and Mrs. Unwanted. All our lives we are stuck in making a choice between wanted and unwanted. A new-age couple living in a similar dilemma is what Mr. and Mrs. Unwanted film is all about.

Produced by Urvi Enterprises, the concept and screen play is by Prakash Gawade and direction by Dinesh Anant. Mr. & Mrs. Unwanted is Dinesh Anant’s debut movie as a director. While Mitang Bhupendra Raval, will be handling the responsibility of the producer in this movie. Mr. and Mrs. Unwanted might be Dinesh Anant’s first movie as a full-fledged director, but he has a lineage of movies in which he has contributed as an Assistant Director. Films like Dombivli Fast, Shwaas tops the chart.

Rajendra Shisatkar, who rose to fame with Crime Patrol will be seen as Mr. Unwanted, while the scintillating Smita Gondkar will be seen playing the female part as the lead in the film Mr. and Mrs. Unwanted.

Produced by Urvi Enterprises, Mr. and Mrs. Unwanted is set for its release on 23rd of September at theatres near you.

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