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Do you remember superhit Marathi Films 'Balak Palak' and 'Yellow'. Both the films were written by writters Ambar Hadap and Ganesh Pandit. The writer duo has always tried to give out of the box and realistics yet entertaining films. Now they are coming with the same superhit formula in a brand new film titled 'Andya Cha Funda'. Ambar-Ganesh has written the Screenplay and Dialouges of the film, whereas story and direction is by Santosh Shetty.

While speaking about the film the writer duo Ambar-Ganesh said, "We have always tried to take few, but different projects. Our aim is to provide something new and entertaining to the viewers. Andya Ka Funda belongs to the different genre and we could not hold us back from writting the screenplay of this film." This time they are joined by one more member, Shreepad Joshi.

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Andya Ka Funda is based on the friendship of 2 boys and how they fulfill their wish by solving different puzzles. The film is produced by Vijay Shetty under the banner of Adhya's Creations and co-produced by Prashant Poojari and Indira Vishwanath Shetty.

Andya Ka Funda releases on 30th June 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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