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The bubbly actress Prarthana Behere, yesterday announced her upcoming film Anaan by posting its Teaser Poster on social networking site on the ocassion of Krishna Janmashtami. The poster show the Natraj idol in the background with Prarthana in a classical dance pose with another actor. The poster suggest the film may be about the classical dance.

Click on the image to see HD Poster

Anaan Marathi Film Teaser Poster Small

The film is prodcuced by Raunaq Bhatia & Hemant Bhatia under the banner of Rohan Theatres Pvt. Ltd. It is being directed by Rajesh Kushte. The film stars Prarthana Behere along with Omkar Shinde, Sukhada Khandkekar, Suyog Gorhe, Uday Nene, Shilpa Tulaskar, Yatin Karyekar, Prajakta Mali and Veena Jagtap.

The details about the film will be slowly unravelled and Anaan is ready to release soon. Stay tunned to for latest news and updates on Anaan.

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