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National Award winner director Bhaurao Nanasaheb Karhade's Khwada film was well appreciated and won many awards. The director is now coming up with a brand new film, a love story of a young farmer turned entrepreneur titled Baban. This time Bhaurao Karhade has written as well as directed the film.

Recently a romantic song 'Saaj Hyo Tuza' from the film was released on social media. The song has gone viral and had crossed more than 3 lac views. Baban will take the true love to the greater heights for sure.

Saaj Hyo Tuza Baban Song

Baban is touted as 'Full On Entertainment' film which is presented by Chitraksha Films. The film has important roles of 'Khwada' fame actor Bhausaheb Shinde and fresh face actress Gayatri Jadhav along with Sheetal Chavan, Devendra Gaikwad, Yogesh Dimble, Abhay Chavan, Seema Samarth, Krutika Tulaskar and Mrunal Kulkarni.

Baban is all set to release on 29th December 2017 all over Maharashtra.

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