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Rege fame Actor Aroh Welankar is ready to marry his best friend and love of his life Ankita Shingvi on Monday, 11th December. He had recently shot a pre-wedding photoshoot which he shared on his social media accounts.

Marathi Actor Rohan Gujar got Married to his best friend Snehal Deshmukh on 21st November 2017. Here are presenting to you his marriage photos.

Actor Ankush Chaudhari stars in and as Deva in this upcoming film Deva - Ek Atarangee. Ankush's look is the talk of the town ever since the film was announced. He sports a trimmed hair with hair lines cut on the left side, there is also a V cut on the back of the head. He wears colorful cloths and has a singatory celebration pose. got up-close with Deva to click his pose and hairstyle exclusive for our viewers.

Marathi Industry's comedy queen is actress Nirmitee Sawant. She had been active for many years in Marathi Entertainment industry and her Gangubai is the most favorite character for the viewers. Her son Abheney Saawaant followed her footsteps and became an actor himself. Abheney got engaged to his long time girlfriend in a ceremony attended by close family and friends on 28th October in Mumbai.

Akshar Kothari portrays the character of Sarja in Colors Marathi's serial Chahool. He celebrates his birthday on 24th September. All his co-stars and technicians of the serial gave him a surprise on his Birthday on the sets of Chahool-2.

A grand birthday party was organised by Moving Pictures for Sachin Pilgaonkar on 17th August as he turned 60 years young. The birthday ceebration was attended many famous celebs from both Hindi and Marathi film Industry. The Special guests were Sachin Tendulkar, CM Devendra Fadnavis and MNS Chief Raj Thackeray.

The actor who played Bhapav (Pappya Bhai's Friend) in Dil Dosti Dobara, Vikrant Shinde got engaged recently and will be getting married soon. Vikrant got engaged with Asmita Karangutkar and announced the news on social media. His dialogue "Tumacha Hukum Amacha Ekka" is one of the famous dialogues in Dil Dosti Dobara. 

Writer - Actor Pralhad Kudtarkar aka Pandu from Ratris Khel Chale married Anjali Kanade on 27th May 2017 in a private ceremony attended by very close relatives and friends. His bride is from Mumbai and is a trained Yoga Teacher and Reki expert. presents his marriage photos.

Marathi Actress Sayali Sanjeev clicked in Maharashtrian Parkar-Polaka Look at the 'Zee Natya Gaurav 2018' awards ceremony. She had a performance for which she had a typical Maharashtrian look. Here are the Exclusive Photos of Sayali Sanjeev in Maharashtrian Look.

Amruta Khanvilkar is a very talented actress and knows how to present herself at different occasions. She carries all attires gracefully, either western or traditional. On the occasion of Gudipadwa, she wore a traditional nauvari saree along with matching traditional jewellery and presented herself in a simple yet elegant Maharashtrian look. The photos of her traditional look are going viral on social media. Here are few of the Gudipadwa look photos.

Marathi Actresses ceebrated Gudipadwa and uploaded photos on social media to wish their fans. Here are the collage of all these actress photos for our readers.

Marathi Actress Tejashri Pradhan uploaded a unique photo on social media few days back, where she looked like same as Chandani actress late Sridevi. She also mentioned in the caption that it is her special tribute to the Bollywood Female Superstar Sridevi. As of now she has uploaded 2 looks of Sridevi, one from Chandani and 2nd from Mr. India. The photos are captured by ace fashion photographer Tejas Nerurkar.

Actor 'Sangram Salvi' married Actress 'Khushboo Tawde' on 5th March 2018. They had got engaged in May 2017. Many Marathi artists including sister Titeeksha Tawde, Gauri Nalawade, Suyash Tilak, Abhidnya Bhave, Namrata Bhalerao and Snehlata Vasaiakar attended the marriage ceromony. Here are the Photos of the Television couple's wedding.

Marathi Actress Shweta Mehendale is currently playing a role of Revati in serial Majhya Navryachi Bayko. The Actress is seen in traditional cloths in the serial, but in real life Shweta is very glamorous and wears the western cloths very often. She posts many of her glamorous photos on her Instagram account.

Marathi Actress Sonalee Kulkarni recently shot for a photoshoot for a clothing brand. Her Royal looks are attracting millions of likes on social media. The actress had adorn beautiful bridal lehengas for this photoshoot which showcase the royal wedding theme.

Marathi Singer & Actress 'Aarya Ambekar' clicked candid during the "Maharashtracha Favorite Kon" Awards Show.

Marathi Actress 'Yogita Chavan' Glamorous Photos clicked during the Song launch of her film Gavthi.

Zee Chitra Gaurav Awards 2018 | Red Carpet Photos

Marathi film Asehi Ekada Vhave launched its trailer yesterday in the presence of Cast and Crew members. On the Occasion, 2 songs and trailer were launched. Actors Umesh Kamat, Tejashri Pradhan, Ajit Bhure, Kavita Lad - Medhekar, Sharvani Pillai, Chirag Patil, Nikhil Rajeshirke, director Sushrut Bhagwat, producers Madhukar Rahane. Ravindra Shingane, Rajiv Saxena, Music director Avadhoot Gupte and singer Kirti Killedar were present. Here are the exclusive photos of the Trailer launch event.

‘Nude’ is produced by Mangesh Kulkarni (Zee Studios) & Meghana Jadhav (Athaansh Communications) and directed by Ravi Jadhav. The film stars Kalyanee Mulay, Chhaya Kadam, Madan Deodhar and Om Bhutkar. The film is A certified without any cuts by censor board. The makers launched it's poster to reveal the release date as 27th April 2018. Here are the exclsuive Photos of the event.

Marathi Film 'Gavthi' | Trailer Launch Photos | Tiger Shroff | Shrikant Patil | Yogita Chavan | Anddy

Marathi Film 'Ek Sangaychay' Title Launch Photos

मराठी चित्रपटांनी सातासमुद्रापार झेप घेतल्याची गोष्ट आता नवीन राहिलेली नाही. मराठी मनोरंजन विश्वातील अनेक कार्यक्रम परदेशातसुद्धा होऊ लागले आहेत. परंतू मराठी चित्रपटाचा प्रिमिअर परदेशात होण्याची घटना विरळच. २ मार्चला प्रदर्शित होणाऱ्या ‘भय’ या आगामी मराठी चित्रपटाचा शानदार प्रिमिअर सोहळा नुकताच दुबईत संपन्न झाला. चित्रपटातील कलाकार, तंत्रज्ञ तसेच दुबईस्थित मराठीजनांनी त्याला उत्स्फूर्त प्रतिसाद दिला. शुक्रवार २३ फेब्रुवारीला दुबईच्या रॉक्सी थिएटर मध्ये संपन्न झालेल्या या शो ला दुबईच्या स्थानिक कलाकारांनी सुद्धा आवर्जून हजेरी लावली होती. ५ जी इंटरनॅशनलची प्रस्तुती असलेल्या या चित्रपटाची निर्मिती सचिन कटारनवरे यांनी केली असून दिग्दर्शनाची व संकलनाची जबाबदारी राहुल भातणकर यांनी सांभाळली आहे.

Zee Gaurav Awards 2018 | Nominations Party | Red Carpet Photos

Marathi Film Atrocity held its Premiere Night in Mumbai Yesterday on 21st February. Here are the exclusive Premiere Night Photos.

On the occasion, the Valentine's day was celebrated by cast & crew of Marathi film 'Asehi Ekada Vhave' in a romantic setup of red heart shaped balloons, red flowers and cutting the cake of red roses. Actors Tejashri Pradhan, Umesh Kamat, Sharvani Pillai, Ajit Bhure, Chirag Patil, Nikhil Rajeshirke, director Sushrut Bhagwat, Music director & singer Avadhoot Gupte and producer Ravindra Shingne were present for the celebrations.

Durga Patil is the fresh face and a latest debutant in Marathi Film Industry. She is a 19 year old collegian, who has been selected to play Rani, a love interest of Chhota Rajan opposite Santosh Juvekar in upcoming Marathi Film Rajan. Durga was chosen from as much as 230 girls for this role. Currently studying in second year of graduation, She is a national player of Rugby and also a gold medalist in martial Arts. exclusively presents the portfolio photos of Durga Patil.

Marathi Actress Mithila Palkar Contemporary Look Photos

Marathi Actress Madhuri Desai, Veda from Yek Number on Colors Marathi Serial - Portfolio Photos

Rasika Sunil is an upcoming Actress, who has debuted with a Lavani Song 'Kashyala Lavatos Nat' in Marathi Movie Poshter Girl.

Marathi Film Dashakriya's Still Photos

Hampi film's Still Photos

15 Exclusive Movie Stills of Marathi Film Vitthala Shappath

Marathi Cineyug presents the HD Still Photos of Critically acclaimed Marathi film Shentimental. Do read our review and watch it in theatres near you.

Marathi Film 'Lapachhapi' Stills Featuring Pooja Sawant. The horror film is critically acclaimed with many national and international awards. The film is running in its 2nd week now.

Marathi Industry and films are trying new locations outside Maharashtra for its shooting. Upcoming Marathi film ‘Love Betting’ recently shot a romantic song at picturesque Manali locations on the lead pair of Chirag Patil and Kajal Sharma.

Nagraj Manjule directed Marathi Movie Sairat is breaking box office records day after day. in 2 weeks it has collected 55 crore. Audience are viewing this movie 3-4 times, such is the craze of Sairat and its character, Archi and Parshya.

कलर्स मराठीवर सुरु झालेल्या बिग बॉस या कार्यक्रमामध्ये सगळे स्पर्धक आता घरामध्ये रहायला गेले असून . ते या घरामध्ये १०० दिवस रहणार आहेत. जिथे त्यांचा बाहेरच्या जगाशी कुठल्याही प्रकारचा संपर्क रहाणार नाहीये. बिग बॉसच्या मराठमोळ्या वाड्या मध्ये जेंव्हा हे १५ स्पर्धक गेले तेंव्हा त्यांना आश्चर्याचा धक्का बसला. प्रत्येक गोष्ट खूपच सुंदर प्रकारे डिझाईन केली असून, त्याच्यावर खूप काम देखील केलेले आहे. लिव्हिंग रूम, मुलींची बेडरूम त्यामधील मोठी नथ, आरसे, बाथरूम मधील कोल्हापूरी चपला, घरात आल्यावर असलेले तुळशी वृंदावन, सगळ्याच गोष्टी.... तसेच बिग बॉसच्या घरामध्ये पहिल्यांदा रहिवाशी संघ असा बोर्ड आहे जिथे सगळ्या स्पर्धकांची नावे लिहिलेली आहेत. बिग बॉसचं घरं म्हणजे स्वप्नातलं घरं आहे जणू, Omung Kumar यांनी खूपच सुंदर असं बिग बॉसचं घर बनवलं आहे जे वाड्यापेक्षा कमी नाही. वाडा बनवला आहे असं म्हणायला हरकत नाही.

On the Occasion of Gudipadwa, Shobha Yatra rallies are conducted all over Maharashtra. Thane, Girgaon, Dombivali are the few locations which gather a huge participation. brings photos from Thane Gudipadwa Shobha Yatra.

Yesterday Gudipadwa was celebrated by all Marathi community. Marathi Celebrities also celebrated the festival and posted their photos online.

Tujha Majha Breakup | Holi Special Photos

'WhatsUp Lagna' will be 3rd film together for Vaibhav and Prarthana after audience loved them together in 'Coffee Ani Barach Kahi..' and 'Mr. and Mrs. Sadachari'. Fincraft Media and Video Palace presents What’s Up Lagna’s is produced by Jaee Joshi & Nanu Jaisinghani and directed by debutant Vishwas Joshi (Producer of Natsamrat).

Umesh Kamat & Tejashri Pradhan comes together for the first time in Marathi film 'Asehi Ekada Vhahe'. They recently launched a romantic song from the film on the occasion of Valentine's Day. got an opportunity to click photos of this lovely pair at the event.

It is this time of the year when celebrity Photographers around the world publish their freshly themed Calendars. Vinayak Kulkarni is one such Celebrity Photographer in Marathi Entertainment Industry. Last year 2017, he created a unique calendar with Marathi Celebrities. This year though he decided to use a unique theme for a calendar and featured Marathi Film Industry's best directors.

“Ye Re Ye Re Paisa” had a blockbuster opening at the box office in this new year. We have seen that there’s always a drift going on between the number of theatres allotted to Marathi film and Hindi film. Generally, any Marathi film gets an opening of 100+ theatres. It is very hard for a Marathi film to sustain for a long time in theatres, very few of them could make this possible for example "Lai Bhari" "Sairat" and now "YRYRP".