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Half Ticket is one gem of a film. The film is a remake of 2015 Tamil film Kaaka Muttai (means Crow’s Egg). Half Ticket borrows the same plot from the Tamil film, but the treatment given by director Samit Kakkad is special. Here director uses his experiences about Mumbai city & it’s people’s mentality and portrays the city as a character. Camerawork of Sanjay Memane is top class and should get appreciated with awards.

The use of real locations like the slums, streets, buses, trains, sea fronts, lake, railway yards, tracks add life to the story-telling and helps to push the story along. The acting of the 2 lead actors, their mother and grandmother looks natural. Bhau Kadam shines in a non-comic role and gives the much needed support to the overall tense situations. All in all Half Ticket is a must watch film to experience the desires of the children and to live the dreams of kids.


Half Ticket is a soulful story of 2 brothers from economically lower class family. They live with their mother (Priyanka Bose) and grandmother (Usha Naik) in a one room shanty in the slums by the nullah. The elder brother (Shubham More) is around 10-12 years old, whereas the younger one (Vinayak Potdar) is around 6-8 years old. Both love eating the eggs of crow as they cannot afford to buy the chicken eggs. Due to their egg eating habit they call themselves crow’s eggs (कावळ्याचं अंड). Their father is in jail and their mother trying hard to get him released from jail as well as earn the living for the family. The Grandmother takes care of the kids and home.

The kids have stopped going to school and help their mother by collecting the train coal alongside the tracks, which they sell to the scrap shop. They are friend with the rail worker Tutti Frutti (Bhau Kadam) and also a high class kid from the neighbouring building. One day they see a new pizza cafe opening in their vicinity by superstar Ankush Chaudhari (himself). The way Ankush is happy eating the pizza, both brothers decide to eat the pizza. But the prize of Rs. 300 is out of their reach.

The story then concentrates on their one goal of eating pizza and what are the difficulties these brothers face to earn money and eat that pizza. How social, economic, political and media angle comes into picture of this simple desire of eating a pizza. Watch Half Ticket in theatres near you to enjoy these desire seeking brothers.

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Natural, Realistic, Outstanding, Fabulous, Marvellous are the few adjectives you will use after watching the acting of the whole cast especially the 2 brothers Shubham More and Vinayak Potdar. They have shown all the emotions of happiness, sadness, anger, joy, angst, silence so realistically that you will be wondered that they are non-actors and this is their first film. Shubham expresses his anger and thinking through his silence, whereas the little Vinayak is bubbly at the same time fun to watch.

Kudos goes to Priyanka Bose who has many shades to her character of a doting mother, a concerned wife and an understanding daughter-in-law. Usha Naik and Bhau Kadam shine in their small but important roles. Other supporting cast of Jaywant Wadkar, Shashank Shende, Kailash Waghmare chips in with memorable performances.

Half Ticket is a technical marvel. Director Samit Kakkad has given all the justice to the original film and also ensured that the Marathi version is remembered for the fine film making and his mastery on all the technical aspects. He has carved very natural performances from the actors. Portrayal of the Mumbai City is perfect to the backdrop of the story. Background music and background sounds in the slums, train tracks make the whole film an experience. Half brownie point for Samit’s excellence in film-making and attention to detail.

Music of G. V. Prakash Kumar got the soulful lyrics of Kshitij Patwardhan and singer Harshvardhan Wavare has sung all the songs beautifully. All the 4 songs help the story to take forward. Sound design by Anmol Bhave is top class and captures the sounds of the city life very well. Camera work of Sanjay Memane shows the Mumbai we have never seen before. The other technical departments like editing, costumes and production are good.

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The film avoids using names to their central characters and touches the universal subject of poverty, desires, dreams and never-say-die spirit of every human being. Half Ticket is a must watch with the entire family to relive your childhood memories and desires.

Rating: 4/ 5

Movie: Half Ticket | हाफ तिकीट
Director: Samit Kakkad
Producer: Nanu Jaisinghani, Suresh Jaisinghani, Mohit Jaisinghani
Studio: Video Palace
Cast: Shubham More, Vinayak Potdar, Priyanka Bose, Bhau Kadam, Usha Naik, Shashank Shende, Jaywant Wadkar, Kailash Waghmare
Story: M. Manikandan
Screenplay: Dnyanesh Zoting
Dialogues: Dnyanesh Zoting
Music: G. V. Prakash Kumar
Lyrics: Kshitij Patwardhan
Singers: Harshawardhan Wavare
DoP: Sanjay Memane
Sound Design: Anmol Bhave
Editor: Faisal-Imran
Costumes: Sachin Lovalekar
Art Director: Vasu Patil
Genre: Children Drama
Release Date: 22 July 2016
Duration: 114 Mins

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